What do you desire?

Nov 23, 2019

Umm, let’s see. I’m pretty zen about most stuff you know. I like to think there’s very little I desire. For example,

Just give me a sunset and a sunrise. Throw in some tragic piano as background music. While you’re at it, how about a dog and a stick? Oh and a starry sky is not that of a big deal, right? Make sure there’s no pollution when you’re arranging those stars. Of course a moon too but only if it’s five days on either side of a full-moon day. No crickets and mosquitoes around the tent. What? Did I forget to mention a tent? Well, it’s not for me you know, it’s for the dog. I would sleep like a baby on a soft lush grassfield surrounded by tiny hills, not mountains because they block a major chunk of the sky. Oh and make the nights longer, like 70% of the day should be dark. A brook nearby. Food you ask? I’ll grow and nurture some plants; I’m thinking soft squishy tomatoes and if the brook has some fish, I wouldn’t mind trying it but I doubt I would like the taste. I’m most likely to just feed them tomatoes instead, my appetite is little. And by no means I ask for this to be an immortal boring existence. Throw in some occasional fatality and a functioning brain for me to figure out survival tactics. Not that long of a lifespan, just long enough to experience childhood, adulthood, and old age. A death of any kind as long as it’s clear to the dog that I’m dead. So that it can move on and doesn’t wait for me to come back. And if you really insist on putting another human on the planet, put somebody who desires all of these but looks at them differently than how I would. So we can never run out of things to talk about. A member of the opposite sex would certainly make things very interesting.

Now if you think these are outrageous desires and would like to deny something from the list, by all means go as far as denying every last thing. Because as long as there’s some gravity for me to establish my vantage point and an endless universe to stare into, I know I’d be just fine.

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