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  • 2020
    • Jealousy

      Creeps up with such filth this insecurity

      Jan 12
  • 2019
    • What do you desire?

      Umm, let’s see. I’m pretty zen about most stuff you know. I like to think there…

      Nov 23
  • 2018
    • Rusty Old Paper

      Today I found this rugged rusty old paper I thought I had kept safe. I can’t…

      Aug 08
    • Droom

      The chronicles of a dog named Roo

      Jun 27
    • Freedom

      “Blind” … is that what you call me now? I thought you weren’t half-done with…

      Jun 27
  • 2016
    • Mumbai Romance

      10 years ago, I put my first foot on the city’s soil. Had the best and the worst…

      Jul 12
    • Lost In Meaning

      Why do I trust people when trust itself is distrustful? A human brain is a funny…

      Jul 11
    • Stranger

      I can see turbulence in the wind. So strong it is, so violent it is and yet when…

      Jul 10
    • A Duel — The Heart VS The Sun

      Heart: Sunshine trapped inside me couldn’t rise again. Sun: Trapping it longer…

      Jul 05
    • Maha-Bharat Mein Bhrashtachar

      Duryodhan Mahabharat ka yuddh chhod ke bhaga aur kaha, “Ab no more killing.” Tab…

      Jun 29
    • Fire and Cold

      “Fire and Cold, Fire and Cold”, listen to the chant of soldiers, Singing and…

      Apr 27
  • 2012