I feel Max vibrations on Richter scale just before I go to bed

And it takes me to Saturn every night with a hopeful death

For moon glows far too neon for my taste but, Saturn?

Saturn makes me weep

There’s no one there, just me, floating in silence

Waiting for a hug from a rock that doesn’t remember its way home

The world may know those rings as jewels of pride the Saturn has

“A prison it can’t escape”, is what the rock would rather not say

And I sleep searching for it

Weeping by myself for a few quiet moments before the show starts

A dream weaves and everyone I know in this life

Come to say hello in forms unexpected

Some make me shudder, some I know would make me sad when the dawn came knocking

But most? Most just leave me longing for the Saturn some more

Jun 01, 2021
Listening to Sleep by Max Richter on a sleepless night