An anthology in palatable haste.

A traveller of the fallen planets, he was loyal to the caretaker of Kugan until he discovered the secret identity of the one who controls the stars. With remorse, the loyal subject was banished in the chamber of void where memories are stretched so far and thin that it would be impossible for him to remember the forbidden revelation. Contrary to the popular belief, there is no agony in the chamber of void, no memory ever gets destroyed.

This particular chamber, known as Septenary, where the traveller was banished, is notorious for being unpredictable. It plays mischief on the stretched out consciousness of the occupant even after they undergo memory dispersion. The occupant gets flashes and sometimes amalgamations of completely unrelated memories, forever trapped inside a world of his own experiences unknown to his own consciousness. The traveller has made a habit of writing these down, trapping the thoughts when he can before they disperse again.