For a while now, I’ve made a point of practising abstinence from fanaticism of people. I just don’t think being a fan of someone who doesn’t know you, is healthy for them or for you especially in this age of information overload. But I’ll make a temporary exception because some souls are just too beautiful to not talk about.

There’s this channel on youtube. It’s named Frank Watkinson. The channel is by an old man who seems to excel at the art of keeping things simple. His videos are not uber sleek, he barely knows how to operate a camera and youtube. But he has a lifetime of wisdom, he is humble and humorous. And he seems like a person who lets himself rush by the life while he gently pushes back with the soundwaves from his guitar. He makes beautiful covers, makes original songs too. The channel doesn’t feel young or old, there’s no judgement. It feels human ― whatever mystery that word possesses. I don’t remember how I subscribed to his channel, perhaps it was an accident. But I’ve been getting notifications for over a year now, I watch some and I quit others midway but watching him lost in his music always leaves me with a smile. If any reality is worth watching, this wonderful person’s is. I can’t help but feel that after a while, his videos will just stop showing up in my notifications. And that just makes it even more precious. A fan, certified.

Aug 06, 2021
Thinking about answer to everything

Suddenly my fingers don't stick

And I'm holding onto the window ledge

Anxious to get my mortality to the safety, but I won't until

I know for sure it can give a ride to the damned soul too

My sixth sense feels what must be reality's shake

Should I let it all go in vain just for vanity's sake?

After a hot minute, I ponder submitting to pain

It feels like I'm losing my superpowers once again

Apr 03, 2020
Thinking about spider-man

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