A Duel — The Heart VS The Sun

Jul 05, 2016

Heart: Sunshine trapped inside me couldn’t rise again.
Sun: Trapping it longer would kill you in vain.

Heart: Oh I’ll beat again and will suck you like a leech.
Sun: I’ll burn you to death until I make you beseech.

Heart: The God of Love, ruler of life I am.
Sun: The God of Hope, caretaker of life I am.

Heart: You kill me, you kill life and then there would be no one left to kill.
Sun: Oh! I won’t harm you an inch but my brothers, Cold and Water will!

Heart: My human army of lovers will fight them.
Sun: Mortals they are, will they last long? Ahem!

Heart: Strong you are, powerful you are, our motive be the same, still insane we are!
Sun: Did you just ring a bell of truce? I can not sign it sire, for it will burn with fire!

Heart: So mighty power of yours! I wish nothing but a signature.
Sun: Fire is the only ink I have. To me, it’s like a second nature.

Heart: What love is to me, fire is to you I understand. Here, sign it along with my blood I insist, your fire it will withstand.

Fire of Sun versus Blood of Heart. Finished is this matter.
Fire be the stronger and so should be the winner!
But here’s the twist:
The gutsy former couldn’t notice the thirsty latter…

For there was poison in the blood and betrayal in the heart.
Captured was the sun and the duel was unfaithfully won!

The bloody river of heart yields love, truth, sacrifice and life
Yet think no less of its power, young readers!
Because hatred, lies, betrayal and death
Are also the places where it meanders!

Copyright © 2011—2024 Ronak Baldha