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January 12, 2020☘️ 1 min read

Creeps up with such filth this insecurity



June 27, 2018☘️ 1 min read

The chronicles of a dog named Roo



June 27, 2018☘️ 1 min read

"Blind" . . . is that what you call me now? I thought you weren't half-done with "Immature". That beyond my selfish gains, I cannot see…

Mumbai Romance


July 12, 2016☘️ 1 min read

10 years ago, I put my first foot on the city's soil. Had the best and the worst of everything here. After 10 years, I returned. And the…

Lost In Meaning


July 11, 2016☘️ 1 min read

Why do I trust people when trust itself is distrustful? A human brain is a funny object though objectively full! You scribble a few letters…

A Duel — The Heart VS The Sun


July 05, 2016☘️ 1 min read

Heart: Sunshine trapped inside me couldn't rise again. Sun: Trapping it longer would kill you in vain. Heart: Oh I'll beat again and will…

Maha-Bharat Mein Bhrashtachar


June 29, 2016☘️ 1 min read

Duryodhan Mahabharat ka yuddh chhod ke bhaga aur kaha, "Ab no more killing." Tab logo ne us se puchha, "Bhaiya! Why the sudden change in…

Fire and Cold


April 27, 2016☘️ 1 min read

"Fire and Cold, Fire and Cold", listen to the chant of soldiers, Singing and marching to the gates of the glory mound, As the fire gets…

Another Chance


August 26, 2012☘️ 1 min read

In trouble if you are ever, Do but close your eyes never...

Staring Out Of The Window


August 30, 2011☘️ 1 min read

I look back and I remember, Yeah! It was the month of December. I had a fight with a friend because I felt lonely and The regret for not…