Jun 27, 2018

So there’s a new dog in town; he’s lanky, coatless with a crooked nose.
He looks here and he looks there, sees a familiar poodle he thinks he knows,
Smiles looking at her, the poodle grinds her teeth, “Don’t you come close!”

He shrugs and goes into a bar, the bartender asks, “What do you want boy?”
He speaks, “Woof, woof” and of course there’s a cocktail with that name,
A fluid-filled bone shaped glass is served with a claim,
“It’s called woof-y woof, be careful, it’s no toy!”
He nods and starts slurping, gets off his stool and leaves it behind,
Stretching his paws on the porch of the bar named “Ahoy!”

He loses his tail, starts walking on hind legs, his paws so long, his nose still crooked
He sees the familiar poodle again, runs into the forest before the poodle gets wicked

Under the starry sky, he’s chasing his tail in a pond of dirt,
The poodle appears from the trees and starts to smirk,
Roo is confused, not knowing what to do, so he starts to flirt,
The poodle smiles and in that very instant, Roo falls in love;
“What happened next?”, the audience gasps.
“It is none of your business!”, with anger our Roo barks.

Don’t tell Roo I told you this, brought you on his journey this far,
The poor lad had gone into deep sleep, while still in the bar,
At 22:00 in the night, the bartender snaps,
“Wake up boy, again the woof-y woof leaves its mark”
The whole bar starts to laugh, embarrassed, Roo sprints outside,
He looks here and he looks there, sees a familiar poodle he thinks he knows,
The rest of the story? You know how it goes! 😉

Copyright © 2011—2024 Ronak Baldha