Fire and Cold

Apr 27, 2016

“Fire and Cold, Fire and Cold”, listen to the chant of soldiers,
Singing and marching to the gates of the glory mound,

As the fire gets broader and the cold gets colder,
There’s only one way to know the winner of the crown.

Remember the last time there was a clash,
When even the best were beaten in a flash,
The swords of cold strangled in the pits of fire,
You could only see the passion and do nothing but admire.

When second best was not an option,
When winning was a second nature.
Sculpture was made of the winner,
While the others got caricature.

That time was of the past. This time,
The fire will burn higher into the seven skies,
And the cold will attack with frozen bites.

The fire pits are burning again,
The cold swords are getting sharpened again.

The promise of tomorrow staring into the past,
As the ashes make way for the flames,
So chant in harmony, “Fire and Cold, Fire and Cold”,
And watch the faithfuls begin the games!

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