Jan 12, 2020

Creeps up with such filth this insecurity,
Contempt for another being every inch of my body exudes

Betrayal wants to join in as desperation undresses the insecurity,
Heavy knocks on the bedroom door by the ills of the past,
Shady tricks peeping through the keyhole;
The subjects inside reek of lust and before you know it,
An orgy of vengeance is set in motion,
Destroying faithfuls in its wake

I chant a hopeless spell to kill this urge
That I wouldn’t wish on my fiercest enemies
Let alone a friend, a self;
Only an elusive potion of a heartbreak,
And guilt to atone for can grant me the escape

I must fight this temptation
I must not let this adultery go unpunished
I must stop the insecurity from opening the door
For this heinous act, a mere suppression would be a mercy;
No, I must murder them all before they birth
An envy I can not raise, an evil I will not praise.

Copyright © 2011—2024 Ronak Baldha