Lost In Meaning

Jul 11, 2016

Why do I trust people when trust itself is distrustful?
A human brain is a funny object though objectively full!

You scribble a few letters and it becomes a word
You scribble a few words and it becomes a sentence
So what if someone says you have written non-sense
Thoughts are not something that mind can suppress
Set them free, let them be lost and hope that they fly
Their limit limitless, their boundary fence-less
Meaning they will find, however meaningless!

These lines require a bit of framing and a bit of cleaning
In fact, let alone these two lines,
Whatever this that I have written, has no meaning.

But then why should mind mingle with meaning? It’s a hoax!
To understand it, the only tool is “meaning”! Ah, Russell’s Paradox.

Cropping and cutting, you can not do to words
They’re the chirping beauties, different but of the same world

Words, words, words! One word known as lencetta
Hailing from the land of Pizza, has no English metadata!
Words have their own life, some common while a few regals
Some even talk to them, play with them, go and ask Eagles
They don’t just glorify a language, they storify this world too
A secret or may be a lie,
But I have to tell you that I have hearts. Yes, not one but two!

It’s true there dwells two hearts inside me,
Fighting a long-lasting Vendetta;
One meaningful, the other Meaning-fool.
If I say,
“Lets grope not more to such mind produce, Lets end the story.”
Then Meaning-fool wins legally and gains the ultimate glory!

But I can not do that even in my will because this is a Pun,
Having written these many lines, the Meaningful has already Won!

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