Staring Out Of The Window

Aug 30, 2011

I look back and I remember,
Yeah! It was the month of December.

I had a fight with a friend because I felt lonely and
The regret for not talking in the high school back then

That adrenaline rush and the stirring of emotions,
Somehow I picked up the courage off all notions.

Dialing those numbers felt like climbing up a slippery mound,
But when I heard your hello, it was the love at first sound.

I kept thinking about you all the time,
Wishing I could have you by my side.

I finally had a reason, you made me so happy,
And you told me that I made you laugh.
May be I was too late or may be it wasn’t just enough.
I hurled an arrow into your heart from my love bow,
But all of it, was just me staring out of the window.

And here I am living together with you,
The light so gleam in a flowery meadow.
I was just dreaming and it was just a cue,
To reality from dream for fading into shadow.
So all of it, was just me staring out of the window.