It feels like everything will change in September.

The same chair I’m sitting on will feel more comfortable.

The surroundings will feel photoworthy, in fact, it feels like in September I’ll have a great camera to click pictures with.

I’m telling you, when this September comes, I’ll have enormous amount of patience. So much of it that I’ll be unphased if a war broke out around me.

That’s because, in September, I’ll have all of the knowledge but none of the weight of the history of the world.

I’ll stop thinking about some people in a certain way, my mind will tell different stories about them in September.

I’ll smile more in September but I’ll have the same twisted sense of humour.

Just you wait, because in September I’ll do more stuff for people I love and I’ll tell them in all the special ways how much a smile on their face means to me.

In September, I’ll see a rocket launch with all my bad habits.

September is going to be so transformative that it’s going to affect my neural plasticity for good.

In September, I’ll finally see with my own two eyes that a day has 24 hours.

If September doesn’t come, my life will have been meaningless.

Perfect temperature of the mind and the body, only the balanced weather of September will bring it.

September will also bring faith with it, I’ll finally start believing in the controlled delusional goodness that God is.

It feels like this will all happen in September, in September of this year.

What’s so special about September you ask? And how am I so sure about it you want to know?

Because in September, I’ll stop waiting for September.

Jul 15, 2021
Listening to the calm voice of George R. R. Martin at 1 AM

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